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Look Before You Leave

I Was just watching the google maps commercial and this article happened. The ad was saying, Look Before You Leave, certainly for traffic. Hearing this punch line, thoughts started coming to mind that this is very relevant to the life too.

One day, we all are going to leave from here. We will be no more and life will end. This is the truth and we know it very well. Do we ever decide our path for this life before it finally ends? Do we decide where to go and how to go? Have we decided what to do before we leave? If No, just look at your life before you leave.

You must have heard the last words of great personalities. You may have been the witness of the old family member some days before the death. Majority of the persons who are near the end of the life have one common thing, they start looking at the life they have lived. Almost everybody feels, I could have done this and that, I could have been a better person, I had the skill and capacity to do something but I didn’t focus on it, I have never spent a good time with myself and the list goes on. This happens because we never look how we are living so we are not happy when we are leaving. The definition of a good life varies from person to person but it must be the life that gives you satisfaction when you are near the end of it. You must feel, Aaah! I have lived the best life I could. No regrets.

Look before you leave. These few words can change the way you live your life. Same as the google map show you the best way to reach to your destination, these words can give you best way to live your life. Ask just one question to yourself – am I going to like the way I am living right now at the age of 60 or 70 or when I am leaving from life? Believe me, you will find literally a checklist about yourself that these are the things needs improvement in your life. Your conscious will give this to you and that’s all you want to be a better person and live a better life. Whenever you do something wrong in life, these words can give you alerts that you are on wrong path and will show you the correct one.

#LookBeforeYouLeave must not be remain a hashtag only, it should be like a light house, like a reminder to us that we must spend time with ourselves and analyze how we are living our life right now and how can we live it better. Ask this question to yourself daily, weave it in your routine, make it your prayer and this can be the best guide to live life at its best.

Have a great life!

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  1. Nupur Jani

    23rd Nov 2018 - 12:11 pm

    Awesome thought…… We can relate to life.excellent

  2. Shailaja Jaydatt

    24th Nov 2018 - 1:13 pm

    Simply loved it! Look before you leave!… Made ..quite thoughtful…in fact,,deep down thoughts! Very well said!!👍👏👏👏

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Habit of Happiness

Look Before You Leave