GOD is on leave

One find Sunday morning there was a public notice in the sky written by the God.
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One find Sunday morning there was a public notice in the sky written by the God. It’s said,

“We, the so called GODS, will be unavailable from today. We are going on a vacation as we need a break. All our branches like temples, Church etc. may remain open but we will not be present there. All are requested to find the solution of their problem on their own as we will not be able to work on it. You can also take a break from your prayers if you wish. Our availability will be declared the same way. Sincere apology for inconvenience.”

Issued in the public Interest – GOD

Reading this people gone mad. How can God do this? He should think about us. Who will help us now? They thought lets go to the temples and ask the saints that what we should do. They went there are found that few of saints are also leaving for a vacation saying that if god is on leave then there is no point to pray, why to disturb him? Few told that don’t worry if god is not there I am here to solve your problems. You can come to me. Few have arranged prayers so that god becomes available as soon as possible. People were confused. What to do? All are saying different things. What is the solution? The whole day passed in the puzzle.

Next morning the day started as usual. Everybody was back on the work. As the days passed people stopped going to temples. Many have stopped the prayer also. Everybody was afraid that who will help us in difficult situations. There is no one to whom they can ask for solution of their problems. They have started sharing this with each other and decided to help each other as this was the only solution available. Months have passed since the god gone to leave. Deep inside everybody was puzzled. Why the god done this? When will he come back?

One evening, some friends were gathered at a cafe in the market place and were chatting. Topic was obvious about the god. Suddenly they saw a monk passes from there. He was very joyful. He had a smiling face and a strong body. They discussed how this monk can be so much joyful when the god is on leave. His only activity is to worship the god. Let’s ask him. They invited the monk for a cup of coffee. The monk happily agreed.

They asked the monk, which religion you belong to?
I belong to every religion. The monk replied.

Have you heard that the god is on leave?
The monk smiled and said, ‘who says so?’

Everybody was puzzled now. They asked have you not seen the public notice in the sky few months ago?
My god never goes on leave because he is not an employee. The monk replied.

There was a pin drop silence in the cafe.

The monk said you treat the god as an employee and an employee want leave for sure. You remember the god only when you want something or when you are in some problem. Sometimes you don’t put any efforts to solve the problems and just assign the work to the god. So god may want to teach you some lessons and that’s why he is on leave.

The friends asked which lessons he wants to teach us by taking leave? We can’t understand.

The monk said there are many lessons but few are very important.

Have you solved any problems since the god is on leave? The monk asked.

They said yes we have solved many problems.

How? The monk asked.
On our own or by helping each other. They replied.

The monk said this is the first lesson.
“Believe in yourself”.

You can solve your problems on your own. You have to put your best efforts to solve them. When god was not there, you were not dependent on him and you put the best efforts.

One of them asked, but there are still many problems for which we didn’t find any solution.

The monk replied that’s where the second important lesson lies.
Many of you have stopped the prayer because god is on leave. It was because you have always prayed him for the solution. If he is not going to do your work, you don’t need him. You could have prayed to the god and asked for more strength to solve the problems.

So the lesson is “Never stop the prayer no matter what the circumstances are”.

Then they asked how you know all this. The monk replied, when the notice was seen in the sky, I was also as puzzled as you are. So many questions were there in my mind. Everybody was talking with each other about this. I have decided to talk with myself. One night I found these answers and I knew the most important lesson.

“Talk to yourself. All the answers are within”
When I got up in the morning after a deep refreshing sleep, I saw the notice at the dawn.

“I can’t leave you as I am within you.”