Learning from COVID

Each problem, each difficult situation has something to teach us. We always learn the biggest lessons in our life from our problems.
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Each problem, each difficult situation has something to teach us. We always learn the biggest lessons in our life from our problems.

We all are passing through the difficult time of COVID-19. No one has ever thought that we will have to live like this. The whole world was in a silence for days. News have only one thing to show and that is number of deaths and infected people worldwide. People are in home with closed doors and not allowed to go out. The world is locked down. We have never thought this can happen.

Uncertainty is the nature and beauty of Life. We must be ready to face any uncertain things that can happen anytime. If we are ready then we can surely be responsive to it rather than being reactive. We have lost many lives in this COVID time and the counting is going on. This must be an eye opener for us to change our lifestyle and the way we behave with the nature.

COVID time taught me many lessons and I want to share some of them.

  • Health is Wealth. This old saying can only be understood well when you are unhealthy or sick. Nothing is more important in life than your health. Both physical and mental. For physical health, exercise, yoga or any form of physical activity you like, must be in your routine. For Mental health read good books, listen to great people, listen good music and give time to any hobby you like. You can’t get good health instantly when you need it. It is the output of daily physical activity.
  • Meditate daily. Meditation is probably the only way to keep you balanced and in harmony with nature. I have always felt that nothing can be so soothing like meditation. It makes you calm, relaxed and fulfilled. I never felt any need to go to any meditation classes or courses as meditation is DOING NOTHING. So, no one can teach you how to do it. You know it within yourself. Just start sitting silent. Spend some time with yourself daily. Rest all will happen automatically. Believe me.
  • Respect & Love people around you. Make good friends. Probably the only thing we need in difficult times are friends. Someone to listen to us. Someone who can be with us. Rest all can be managed but there is no alternate of a good friendship.
  • Handle your money well. Habit of Saving actually saves you.
  • Help people in whatever way you can. This gives you Joy.
  • Read a lot. Good books never make you feel alone. The most important lessons in life are not being taught in any university. They are mostly found in good books by people who learnt the lessons by experience.
  • Be Thankful. Every morning, Thank God for giving one more day to live. Thank for Food, Water, Air and everything. Thank Everyone around you who help you the way you are living.

These are only few lessons. All of us must have learn something from COVID. If we can combine the thoughts of many of us, we can learn a lot. Let’s make a guide for good life. I invite you to share your thoughts and lessons you have learnt in the comment section.




  1. Gaurang Darji Reply

    Family is first:
    In this busy life people are very obsessive to earn money and to get creature comforts. As a result people are physically with their family, not mentally or emotionally. This COVID pandemic situation made us realize that how the family is important. Family wants one thing only and that is time. Spending quality time with family causes reduce stress, feelings of inside happiness, infinite smile on multiple faces, health benefits etc.

  2. The lesson : We really dont need much to live.

    Every situation give us learning. We need to learn to fight, adopt as well as decrease the dependency.

    We all are completely depend on Internet access in this pandemic for social contact, entertainment, business, study n many.. Digital access is seen as a utility like electricity and water.

    We need to step ahead and think how to reduce this dependency in case future crisis.

    • cpadmin Reply

      any technology or facility is to be used wisely. Wise use are beneficial…dependency is dangerous..
      and I feel there is always a simple solution for problem…for example….many students give external exam without going school…they are also studying. Online school is not the only way

  3. Heartiest Congratulations on implementing such a Great Idea.
    Covid 19 has given to the society, so many great benefits/advantages, if we take it as Positive. Amongst them, I like the following:
    (1) It has increased the Family Bonding to a great extent;
    (2) Family members have learnt to live without routine things, as also, economically.
    (3) People have realised the value of Physical and Mental Health.
    (4) People have learned to develop their Hobby. As also, people have got enough time to improve their relationship with their old friends, relatives.And lastly,
    (5) People have realised their inner capacities to fight with any kind of Disease. It has increased the confidence of many personnel. Many personnel have learnt to be Happy, Cheerful and Enjoy Each and Every moments of this Beautiful life.
    That’s all. Thanks.

  4. Truly appreciate your blog.Very well elaborated!👏👏
    I would like to add that Covid-19 made us all realise that family and friends are most important for us.we should always spend some time with them.
    In this busy life each one of us run and work hard more & more for better lifestyle and forget to take care of ourselves.So Meditation and taking some time for you is important.
    Think & Stay positive and enjoy each and every moment of your life in a beautiful way🙂. In this Covid-19 , Create good memories for your future by spending quality time with your closed ones.

    Stay home & Stay safe!

    Keep Blogging!

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