Happy girl
Happiness is A Habit, Cultivate It! Happiness is what everybody want in every moment of life. Whatever we ever do tends to the ultimate goal and that is to be happy. At the same time we struggle most for happiness. Nobody ever deny to be happy but nobody is ever happy too. We all must
man walking at seashore
I Was just watching the google maps commercial and this article happened. The ad was saying, Look Before You Leave, certainly for traffic. Hearing this punch line, thoughts started coming to mind that this is very relevant to the life too. One day, we all are going to leave from here. We will be no
heart shaped potato
The Principal of a school decided one day to check the progress of the pre-primary class. He made a surprise visit and asked the class teacher to sit in the teacher’s room. When the class teacher left the class, every student had given a blank paper and a pencil. Then the principal told the students
stop negativity
When a vehicle is spreading pollution in environment, we give it a treatment to control it and get a PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate. Have we ever thought how much pollution we are spreading as a human being through our thoughts, words and behavior? Some days ago, I was at city post office. There was
sun and sky
One find Sunday morning there was a public notice in the sky written by the God. It’s said, “We, the so called GODS, will be unavailable from today. We are going on a vacation as we need a break. All our branches like temples, Church etc. may remain open but we will not be present