October 2013

When a vehicle is spreading pollution in environment, we give it a treatment to control it and get a PUC (Pollution under Control) certificate. Have we ever thought how much pollution we are spreading as a human being through our thoughts, words and behavior? Some days ago, I was at city post office. There was
One find Sunday morning there was a public notice in the sky written by the God. It’s said, “We, the so called GODS, will be unavailable from today. We are going on a vacation as we need a break. All our branches like temples, Church etc. may remain open but we will not be present
Chichi, a sparrow, used to visit the nearby house everyday and sit near the window. She was very much impressed with the facilities available in the house. One day she thought if she can become a human being, her life will be so easy. Small chichi prayed to the God. God asked her what she